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Hytera PD355 review by Marcin SP5QWE. Part 1.

355It is the smallest and the less expensive child in the Hytera family at present and it looks very
interesting not only for DMR but also as a dPMR transceiver. In dimensions is comparable to old
Nokia GSM phones or to my IC-92D. 2000mAh battery lasts for about 24h RX.
To operate PD355 there are 7 buttons on the front of device and another one round situated below PTT, 4 of them are double programmable via CPS. On the right side under the rubber caps you will find USBmicro socket for programming and charging and accessory connector. It is only a question who invented charging protection of charging socket in times when almost every smartphone have the same socket not protected. Display is bright and readable. Czytaj dalej