Hytera PD355 review by Marcin SP5QWE. Part 1.

355It is the smallest and the less expensive child in the Hytera family at present and it looks very
interesting not only for DMR but also as a dPMR transceiver. In dimensions is comparable to old
Nokia GSM phones or to my IC-92D. 2000mAh battery lasts for about 24h RX.
To operate PD355 there are 7 buttons on the front of device and another one round situated below PTT, 4 of them are double programmable via CPS. On the right side under the rubber caps you will find USBmicro socket for programming and charging and accessory connector. It is only a question who invented charging protection of charging socket in times when almost every smartphone have the same socket not protected. Display is bright and readable.
Major problems I have found:
1. Scanner – it is impossible to put analog and digital channels together in one scan list and
there is no possibility of scanning analog channels when transceiver is in digital mode and
vice versa,
2. Unintuitive way of surfing via menu – it is necessary to dial vertically over menu placed
horizontally, while vertical buttons works as volume regulation (maybe it is a my bad habit
from old mobile phones but it is annoying),
3. There is no possibility of LOW and HIGH power level adjustment in the CPS , values are
constant LOW-1,5W, HIGH-3W.

Generally transceiver looks like it suits to a women’s handbag but it is a fully functional DMR
transceiver, moreover thanks to its superior voice quality and loudness be sure that you will not miss any transmission. From the other side no pain no game – if you compare PD355 to other devices transceiver is deaf – mainly because of efficiency of internal antenna, but also it is a price of relatively good selectivity. I have made a receive test at the limit of range (28km 438.200 MHz from analog amateur repeater) and PD355 was the only receiver where I did not hear a transmission of wireless temperature sensor working at 433MHz in proximity of the radio. In fact it is not a trx made for beating distance records but to work in a crowd not far away from the repeater and it will be working well in such condition I think.

I suppose that everyone is asking why the price of those transceiver is so low (about 150$ with transportation costs in Aliexpress market), where is the clue? The answer is not simply but easy to give – with this relatively good Tier II transceiver you will receive no advanced DMR capabilities: there are no VoIP call functions, no ciphering or encryption, no remote/emergency radio monitor, no remote radio disable or OTA, there is also no MIL-STD, but if you want to use it at stadium, warehouse or resort complex where repeater range is not a key to success you will surely be satisfied because is small, loud, convenient and durable and it works in DMR mode of course.

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