Hytera PD505 – the cheapest profi DMR radio.

I got in my hands digital-analog device Hytera DMR PD505, For now it is the cheapest one device of Hytera DMR. The cheapest doesn’t mean bad, but we have to forget some funcionalities and features. Otherway we have new possibilities. What possibiliteis? Just..

Złącze akcesoriów typu D w PD505

Hytera PD505 – accessories plug

Yeah, I will start with these opportunities. While with higher-end devices (PD785 or X1p) we have to use dedicated accessories, PD505 gives is opportunity to use cheaper substitutes of Hytera accesories like speakers, microphones, headsets etc. It is possible beacuse in this device Hytera decided to use D standard socket (the same like in Kenwood, Intek and all others with 11,5mm plugs). It allows to cut the cost but probably by losing the quality of stuff and comfort of work. Basic needs will be met. The user has to chose what matters for himself. Important thing is that PD505 radio cannot be programmed by „cheap” programming cable. That’s why the user has to get it from supplier. Personally, I fear for the socket cover. For frequent or improper handling of this cover may bring its to pull out and leave the holes over.

Hytera DMR PD785 X1p PD505

Hytera DMR PD785 X1p PD505

The radio is very small. The dimensions are similar to X1p. Apart from the antenna length PD505 is even smaller from the front but a little bit thicker. It also gives the opportunity to fix the belt clip what I was missing in X1p (when writing an article about X1p I wasn’t, now a little bit anyway). Big loose in my opinion is the missing of a top button next to the antenna. We stay only with one dual-function button below PTT. Not enough, considering the fact that one function will be taken to change the zones. Neither emergency or anything …

Except the accessiories socket cover the housing itself is standardized with other models of Hytera PDs. Solid, with large knobs. That’s why this radio is a handy, well balanced. In this aspect it is like all others good models of Hytera DMR.

Hytera DMR PD785 PD505 X1p

Hytera DMR PD785 PD505 X1p

Zones, 32 channels (2*16) should be enough for almost all users. There is also basic encryption of transmission for digital channels (non-compatible with MOTOTRBO) and scrambler for analog mode.

Audio, the speaker and the correspondence in our recipient’s radio, does not differ in any way from the older and more sophisticated devices. The user has full comfort and good audibility.

In summary, for small (relatively) money you get equipment with enough high quality, despite some limitations, Definitely better and more functional than similar Vertex eVerge EVX-531. PD505 with the class IP54 is not suitable for melting, but has all the same standards of MIL (MIL810-C/D/E/F/G).

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for next eposide of BlogRadiowy.pl!

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